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Our Offerings

Straight from the Farm



Eggs are considered a nearly perfect food.  With the exception of Vitamin C, whole eggs provide almost all the minerals and vitamins needed by humans.

Eggs in Bowl

Pastured Broilers

$2.50/pound - Average 4-5 pound birds

Our broilers are raised on pasture and are moved every day.  This ensures that they have access to fresh greens, fresh bugs, fresh water and get to breathe fresh air each day of their young lives.


Stewing Hens

$2/pound - Average 2 1/2 to 3 pounds

Our stewing hens are hens being retired from our laying flock.  They are older hens that have lived a useful and productive life laying eggs and helping to control insects on our farm.  They make excellent meat stocks and broths.


Pastured Turkeys

$2.50/pound - Weights vary

Our pastured turkeys are moved each day, often ending up near our garden for grasshopper patrol.  These broad breasted turkeys make memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners - and of course, they're good all year long!

turkeys-2799813_1920 (1).jpg



Some people say rabbits taste like chicken.  Other people say rabbits taste better than chicken.  We just know they're good!



$2/pound live weight

Our Boer goats are raised for their flavorful meat, and are very much appreciated for their weed and brush control work.


Grass-fed Beef

$6/pound hanging weight

We sell our grass-fed beeves as whole, half, and quarter sections.  The beeves have never been fed hormones or antibiotics.  The calves stay with their mothers approximately 6-10 months.

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