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Welcome to Rancho Alma Linda

Healthy Soils Make Healthy Plants, Animals & People.

We're the Nava family and we're really glad you're here!

Are you struggling to find healthy, locally grown food to feed your family?  You're not alone!

We, too, struggle to find food we feel is safe and nutritious for our family to eat.  We want to avoid antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and any other nasties in our food supply.  We want the food we serve to actually taste good, AND to be easily and locally accessible.   Kind of a tall order in today's world!

We moved to our farm in the spring of 2003 with no knowledge whatsoever of farming -- only an obsession to provide our family with nourishing, sustaining food.  By addressing soil quality and plant and animal health, we're able to provide our family with nutrient dense and very tasty food.  We'd love to share with you what we've learned about feeding our family and help you feed yours!

We're here to help you feed your family with nutrient dense, tasty, and clean food (not loaded with pesticides, hormones or antibiotics).  Real food!

We sell our nutrient dense food from off the farm, at the seasonal Tucumcari Farmers' Market (July through October), and through local deliveries.  Please call us or text us at 303-834-0876 to know what we currently have available as some items are more seasonal than others. 

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