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Our Story

We are located approximately 7 miles southeast of Tucumcari in beautiful, sunny, eastern New Mexico.

We moved to the farm in the spring of 2003 with no knowledge of farming, only a life-long dream of being on a farm and an obsession to provide the family with nourishing, sustaining food.

In our search for vitality and optimal health we have come to the conclusion that our health -- in all of its various aspects -- depends upon the quality of the relationships we have with the life forms around us, including our relationship to the food we eat.  And in turn, the quality of the food we eat depends upon the quality of the soils from which that food is coming.

We are working to have healthy land that is able to produce the very best quality of life for the plants, animals and people that live here.  This is requiring us to build amazingly satisfying relationships with people, critters, plants and soil life.

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