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David Nava

David is our master fabricator, major project facilitator, welder, heavy equipment operator, fence name it - he's our man!  Able to creatively solve any farm problem, he's the one who enables our dreams to become realities.

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Sonya Nava

Currently our poultry specialist and main egg collector, Sonya is busy observing and reporting farm happenings.  Sonya provides the inspiration for us to continue in our quest for health, reminding us future generations depend on us.

Marie Nava

Marie believes that healthy soils translate into healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy people.  She is passionate about family, farming, and nutrient-dense food.  She is working toward an ever healthier farm and community.


Yolanda Nava

Yolanda, our Jane-of-all-trades, is also our on-farm artist.  She is passionate about art, healthy food, cooking, and cleaning.  She keeps us on track and encourages us to keep working for ultimate health for both ourselves and our farm.

Yolanda phone pictures 2016-2018
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