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Conversations About Soil Health   (C.A.S.H.)

C.A.S.H. is an acronym for Conversations About Soil Health and is a grassroots effort to encourage ranchers and farmers and other soil-conscious folks in the Tucumcari, NM area to talk to each other about healthy soil.

C.A.S.H. is not affiliated with any governmental agency and thus is not dependent upon those agencies for funding, scheduling or wisdom.  This allows us to consider information available from all areas of soil stewardship, including anecdotal information, in real-time and applicable to our situation.

Why ranchers and farmers?  Because, as “on-the-ground” observers and land stewards, they work with, manage, and influence large tracts of land/soil.  Since their livelihood often depends on the land, they have a vested interest in soil.  Their management techniques directly influence the health of the soil.

Why conversations about healthy soil?  Because healthy soil can produce a wide range of economic, ecological, and social benefits including:  improved watersheds and water quality, improved water retention and reduced soil erosion, increased resilience to extreme weather events and drought, greater economic viability of farms and ranches, enhanced wildlife and pollinator habitat, sequestration of atmospheric carbon, and overall healthier communities.

What’s the purpose of talking?  To find out how soil is being made healthier, what is and is not working, and share ideas on how to improve soil better, faster, and more economically so that our communities can gain all the previously mentioned benefits of a healthy soil.

The plan is to meet 4 times a year -- once in January, March, June and September -- inviting a research expert or rancher/farmer to lead the discussion, or present a film about soil.  Conversations are free.  An optional paid meal will be provided before the conversations to help offset any travel expenses, etc. incurred by a speaker, and space rental if necessary.

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